The huts

Huts, dormitories or campsites

In Werner’s biker camp there is enough campground for your tent. If you don’t want to take a tent with you, there are three picturesque huts to choose from. The red hut number 1 and the green hut number 3 are fully rented and can accommodate up to five people. The blue hut 2, in the middle, serves as a mattress camp for people in transit who do not want to camp.

Equipping the huts

The huts are a roof over your head with rustic charm. They are ideal for people who don’t want to take camping stuff with them. The cabins are furnished with beds, table and chairs. Electricity is available (1 socket) and light. They are neither heated nor air-conditioned, but there are warm blankets if it should be a little cooler at night.

Here you can book

All three huts
Hut 2 – Mattress camp

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Hut 1[/caption]

Hut 3